New Pokedolls and Meltan & Melmetal new plushies

Pokemon Company has quite some interesting news regarding Pokemon Center official merchandise this week. The first announcement is about the addition of new Pokedolls to their lineup, with Lucario, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Zeraora, and Scolipede. Each doll is listed for 1,200 yen before tax.

Along with the new Pokedolls, their mascot version has been announced and revealed as well. Each mascot will cost 980 JPY plus tax and the lineup features the same Pokemon of standard Pokedolls. Release for both lineups is expected for March 23, 2019 in all Pokemon Centers in Japan.

March 23, 2019 marks the official release date for Meltan and Melmetal merchandise at all Pokemon Centers in Japan. The first merchandise collection for the Pokemon Let’s Go newly introduced Steel Pokemon includes quite some interesting items, and plushies from the set are as follows.

  • Plush Lifesize Meltan – 1,500 yen 8% tax
  • Plush Melmetal – 3,500 yen + 8% tax

Lugia and Ho-Oh plushies have been released today, March 9. The Johto region Legendary Pokemon plushies are available starting from today at Pokemon Center Japan and Amazon Japan. Each plush cost 3,780 yen including tax. Order Ho-Oh plush and Lugia plush at Amazon Japan or at Pokemon Center Online.

New Pokedolls announced
Meltan & Melmetal merchandise