Lottery Hongkong – What You Need to Know

Lottery Hongkong

If you are a newbie to the world of lottery, then it may be time to learn all you can about Lottery Hongkong before you spend your money. The lottery is only available in Hong Kong, but people still play outside of the country illegally. It is broadcast live on TV, so there is no chance for manipulation. However, you may have heard of rumors of manipulated draws in mainland China. Another draw scandal involves a Chinese lottery where bets are as low as HK$5 to increase sales.

There are four different divisions of the lottery. First division prizes are made up of all six drawn numbers plus an extra number. Second division prizes are five drawn numbers plus one extra number. Third division prizes consist of four drawn numbers and an extra number. Fourth division winners get one third of the jackpot, and seventh division winners get two-thirds of it. Depending on how many draws are held each week, a prize of HKD$100 million can be won.

For those interested in the lottery, HK lottery tickets may go on sale as early as next summer. The draw is expected to take place in August of next year. Financial Secretary J.J. Cowperthwaite said in 1962 that the lottery is a global ecological system that enables the creation of countless opportunities for lottery lovers. Data HK has a number of locations across Asia and Europe. The online lottery system provides lottery fans with the best services.