Lottery Singapore Implements Aurora Software

Lottery Singapore

The lottery is the most popular gambling activity in Singapore. The four-digit lottery, known as 4D, was first launched in 1956. Its name is an abbreviation for “four digits” since it uses four numbers instead of five. In the first few years of its existence, it has attracted millions of players and has remained the most popular gambling activity in Singapore. According to an article published in the newspaper NewspaperSG in 1957, the first lottery winner in Singapore was Li Lai Zui Da Ying Jia Nan Zi Zhong Mo Yuan 1400Mo Yuan.

Earlier this year, a Singaporean Engineer, S., won a $50,000 Powerball prize. He is a regular Lottery player who purchases single-entry tickets to the major lotteries. He selected a group of digits and played them for three consecutive weeks. Using fixed-odds, he has been able to win three times in a row. He has since continued to buy his single-entry tickets, hoping to win the jackpot.

The lottery has partnered with IGT Global Services Limited to implement Aurora, a powerful lottery software system. This will provide high-quality lottery management capabilities and support for a large number of daily transactions. The company’s flagship product, Aurora Navigator, provides a centralized management console for all lottery applications. Aurora Data Connector and Aurora Anywhere also enable third-party applications to access the core lottery system, enabling them to integrate into the system and expand game play.