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Since September 2014, Moonlit Saki is happily providing its readers with anime figures news and reviews. During these months the site received a lot of consent, thus an always increasing amount of visits. I’m very happy for the results I achieved with Moonlit Saki in less than one year, and I plan to make the site bigger and better day by day.

The constant increase of visits means more resources demanded by the site, thus the need of a dedicated hosting solution for Moonlit Saki. The site costs me a decent amount of money every month, and I’m very happy to pay for the site as it has proven to be a wonderful experience for me and for every single person who donated me some of their precious time with their visits.

However, money is very tight for me lately and I could really use some help with the server bill. That’s why I decided to set up donations for Moonlit Saki. There’s no fixed amount, so even $1 would be more than appreciated. In the sidebar there’s a donation button you can use to donate some money to Moonlit Saki if you would like to.

I want to thank you all in advance for any help you can provide us with!

This page also includes a list of donors (with your permission, of course). If you donated something and want your name (or nickname) to appear here, please let me know.

Other ways to support us

If you want to support Moonlit Saki without donating money and you usually buy your figures and anime merchandise either from J-List or CDJapan you can use our affiliate links to do so and we’ll earn a small commission on your purchase without any additional cost to you.


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