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January 28th, 2017

Although with a lot of sadness (see update below to know more), we have officially dropped Disqus and switched back to WordPress native comment system, with some enhancements and hopefully also resulting in a better experience for you.

You can now comment at Moonlit Saki either filling out the comment form with your name/nickname, email address etc., or using a social profile of your choice between Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to login and comment. We have preserved some of Disqus’ features, like upvote and downvote on comments, being able to edit your comment(s), and also having the option to subscribe either to your comments replies or to new comments on a given article.

When you use Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to login and comment, an account at Moonlit Saki will be automatically created with information from your chosen social profile; data collected and stored in our database will be your email and name or nickname used on your social profile, and your IP address will be registered as it did back when we used Disqus. These details are only visible to Moonlit Saki’s owner, and are the same that were collected when using Disqus.

If you choose to comment filling out the form with your name, email etc., the system won’t create an account for you and you will need to either fill out the form again for every new comment, or rely on your browser’s autofill settings. When you login with one of your social profiles, the system will remember you as long as you are logged in either with Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

With the new comment system you will be also able to style your comments, and inserting links and images. As a note, all the comments you have previously left have been preserved and will appear exactly where you left them, only they will be all marked as “Guest Comments”. We are still doing some testing, but you should be able to edit your comments if you login with a social media account and if said profile has the same email you use in your Disqus account.

When plan to do further improvements to the newly introduced comment system in the future as need arise, but in the meantime we hope you will keep leaving your thoughts as you did and have fun interacting with us and other fellow figure lovers and collectors!

Also, please rest assured that your data is protected at Moonlit Saki as we use a secure connection.

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January 20th, 2017 - Major website revamp and redesign
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