Moonlit Saki is a blog dedicated to figure news online since September 2014 and run by a figure enthusiast, just like you.

Daily figure news are provided on the blog, which has an official Facebook page for you to like and follow. I’m on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Moonlit Saki during the years

2014/9: The blog has been officially launched. At the time news and reviews were posted.

2015/5: I stopped with reviews for some months, to post them again in October of the same year.

2016-2017: This was the most productive year for the blog, speaking of both time spent working on it and visits; a peek of ca. 30,000 visits was reached in February 2017.

2018/3-2018/8: This has been a hard period for the blog. After deciding to turn Moonlit Saki into a review blog only, I wanted to shut it down completely.

Present: I came back with the blog as I just couldn’t be the real me without this place. The blog now is dedicated to figure news only.

Last updated on September 19th, 2018.