Moonlit Saki is a website dedicated to Anime Figure News and Reviews. Aimed to be a reliable and useful source for every figure collector out there, Moonlit Saki’s main purpose is to entertain the figure enthusiast while providing a completely free, reliable and high quality service.

Launched in September 2014, Moonlit Saki’s goal is to spread the word and share the love about anime figures, promoting companies and their products, and to keep figure enthusiasts informed with daily news, reviews, and event reports.

Moonlit Saki mostly focuses on static scale figures, also featuring action figures too, with pre-release as well as release articles featuring information and rich photo galleries.

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Images used in this website are © of their respective owners unless stated otherwise. No copyright infringement is ever intended. Photos are used solely to support companies and manufacturers promoting their products.

Moonlit Saki is not affiliated with or endorsed by companies mentioned in this website. Our service is free and will always be; we don’t receive any compensation for posts published in this website unless stated otherwise. Moonlit Saki accepts donations and makes use of affiliate links to cover the server cost.

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We make use of affiliate links in our articles and on the website in general (sidebar, etc.), which means that we will earn a small commission if you make a purchase following one of our affiliate links. All money earned from affiliate links, labeled as “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements”, are used to cover our bills to keep the site online.

Sponsored Reviews

From time to time, we might review products that are given to us by the manufacturer; in this case, we clearly state that we have received a certain item for review in the same article the product is reviewed. All opinions stated in our reviews, being them sponsored or not, are unbiased and solely our own.

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You are always free to comment on any article published at Moonlit Saki, and you are also free to link to any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) image as long as you notify other users/readers that what they are going to see is not suited for people younger than 18 years old and is aimed to adults only.

Due to the high volume of traffic and the everyday increasing number of comments the site receives, we are not able to keep up with all comments and reply to every single one of them as we did in our early days. However, we do read any single comment left at Moonlit Saki, and we will reply to all comments containing a specific question.


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