Wonder Festival 2019 Winter: Aquamarine


Aquamarine – The kind of report I’m doing for this edition of the event is the same I did last time: refer to this post for more informationno caption for figures on display at the event, but just image galleries.


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5 Responses to Wonder Festival 2019 Winter: Aquamarine

  1. Shinji103 says:

    So this isn’t a full coverage of all the Aquamarine figures and previews they had? Since I don’t see anything about this Kurumi figure
    Aquamarine announced waaaaaaay back. I really hope they didn’t cancel it………..

    I’ve been looking everywhere, but aside from MFC (and I find it hard and confusing to navigate through their events sections and galleries), I can’t find anybody who does coverage of WonFes, or any other figure event for that matter. Are there some sites you can point out?

    • moonlitsaki says:

      I don’t know of other sites tbh. Please note that the news are still fresh so I’m adding what’s available right now. I might have additions as something new comes out.

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Post updated with new content as it comes out! 🙂

      • Shinji103 says:

        Okay, phew. I was scared for a while. The fact they changed the preview pic to say it’s coming soon and is in the works does show that they haven’t forgotten about it. Thanks

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