INDEX – Wonder Festival 2019 Winter


Here we go with the Wonder Festival 2019 Winter INDEX. As usual, all articles of this event report are listed in this post for you to check and to give you a better idea of what the event brought us this time.


The approach I took with this edition of Wonfes is the same I took with the last one I did —read more here, so no caption for figures on display at the event, but just image galleries. As usual, I did all my best to make this report as complete as possible, though something might be missing; I will edit posts if needed.


The next edition of Wonder Festival, in its Summer 2019 edition, will take place on July 28th, 2019. Dates for 2020/2021 Wonfes have been announced as well, as follows. Next year we won’t have a Summer edition of Wonder Festival; instead, a Fall edition will be held due to the Olympics Games.

  • Wonder Festival 2020 Winter – February 9th, 2020
  • Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn – November 1st, 2020
  • Wonder Festival 2021 Winter – February 7th, 2021

*Thanks to Dengeki, figsoku & AmiAmi for the images.

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5 Responses to INDEX – Wonder Festival 2019 Winter

  1. Zarathustra says:

    Thanks for all the hard work once again saki! Sadly for me this wonfest was a bust with only one or 2 figures i’m interested in.

    • moonlitsaki says:

      You are so welcome! 🙂 I have 2 -possibly 3, figures I’m interested in this time. That’s ok for me though, because I’m engaging in other expensive hobbies so some rest for my wallet wouldn’t hurt at all!

  2. Shinji103 says:

    Thanks for all the coverage. I actually had the opposite reaction; this WonFes was so full of win. So many figures I want, my poor wallet……

    But darn you, Olympics. Never have I hated you until now. 9 months to wait for the second WonFes next year. Ow.

    • moonlitsaki says:

      You are welcome! And I’m happy for you there are many figures you are interested it! Yeah, when I read the announcement of a fall wonfes I was like WTF??! >.<

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