Good Smile Company announces/reveals W.H.L.4.U.27 products


It’s that time of the year again where Good Smile Company announces W.H.L.4.U.27 (WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 27) products which, as usual, will be available in limited quantities at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter (February 18th, 2018) at the company’s booth as well a at Good Smile Company Online Store as limited and exclusive items.


This year’s selection includes figma and Nendoroid figures with Snow Miku 2018, a special version of Megumin Nendoroid from Konosuba and a couple of figmas in their wedding dresses. All the W.H.L.4.U.27 products will be up for pre-order starting from February 28th, 2018 and until the 27th of the same month; release for online orders in expected either in April or July 2018, depending on the item.

Snow Miku 2018 Nendoroid & figma

The 2018 edition of Snow Miku –now at the 9th anniversary is proposed both as a Nendoroid and a figma figure, with the popular Vocaloid portrayed as a priestess performing dance and prayer. The design was once again selected by fans through online votes between a selection of outfits all submitted to piapro by fans and this year the theme was “Animals of Winter Hokkaido”, with the winning Snow Miku design being this version based on a red-crowned crane illustrated by Taichadon.

The Nendoroid’s hood can be attached and removed, and Miku comes with three different face plates including a standard expression, a wistful smiling face and a prayer face with closed eyes and some lipstick. Optional parts include a kagura bell and folding fan, and a cypress stand to place the tools on, kneeling parts and a crane made from ice are also included with the figure.

In addition, a large base featuring a paved road and torii archway is also included with Snow Miku 2018 Nendoroid, which also comes with a broom to display her cleaning the temple grounds; the snow on the base can even be removed.

The 2018 Snow Miku figma comes with three expressions including a calm standard face, a gentle smiling face as well as a face with closed eyes plus various items that match the priestess theme like a kagura bell, a folding fan, a Shinto staff and a tamagushi. In this version too, the hood can be removed and an alternate lower body part and alternate coat part are included to display Miku kneeling.

Both the Nendoroid and figma Snow Miku 2018 are scheduled for release in July 2018 (for online orders), and they will be also available at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter (limited to 2000 pieces each/2 pieces per person) as well as at 69th Sapporo Snow Festival (10th February 2018 – 11th February 2018). More information here & here.

Both Snow Miku Crane Priestess ver. Nendoroid and figma figures, respectively by Good Smile Company and Max Factory, are listed for a price of ¥5,556 (before tax) each.

figma Bride & figma Groom

figma Bride and figma Groom are two other exclusives of WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 27 Good Smile Company is proposing. Manufactured by Max Factory, both the action figures are made to celebrate the 10th anniversary and are listed for a price of ¥4,167 (before tax) each, available at Good Smile Company Online Shop and at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter (1500 pieces available for each figure, max two units per person for each figure).

A variety of hand parts as well as a veil part (figma Bride) and optional hand parts and a wedding ring (figma Groom) are included with each figure, which are standard figma size to switch head parts with other characters. Two face plates are included with each figure.

Nendoroid Megumin School Uniform ver.

Nendoroid Megumin School Uniform ver. is the last announcement for W.H.L.4.U.27 by Good Smile Company. This special version of the KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! 2 heroine is proposed wearing the school uniform that was featured in the flashback scene from episode two of the anime series.

The wizard with delusions of grandeur and an affinity to the Explosion spell comes with three face plates including a winking expression, the confident expression she had when her younger sister complimented her and a desperate chewing expression. Optional parts include two crayfish, bread crusts, a bread packet as well as her familiar, Chomusuke.

The Nendoroid figure will be available at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter (1500 pieces available, max 2 units per person) as well as at Good Smile Company Online Shop for a price without tax of ¥4,167. Release date for online orders is expected for July 2018.

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