New design for Moonlit Saki & some other changes

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As you might have noticed, I changed Moonlit Saki design recently. The theme I was using since 2014 (to which I’ve done several edits during these years the site has been online) was now outdated and very risky to use in terms of security.

That’s why I decided it was finally time to switch to a more secure theme, which is the one you are seeing right now. The change was long due, but I find time to do it just now so, because I did the switch in a relatively short timeframe, there are some things I still have to fix.

In any case, the site works correctly and now is secure again, so what’s left to do are just minor fixes.

What’s new

The new design of course, which is built on a slightly modified version of WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme.

The site design has been uncluttered and some sections are now gone.  In the past I opted for a more complex, magazine-like design (especially on the homepage), but I soon realized it might feel a little bit overwhelming and confusing for some readers.

Aiming to highlight contents, I switched to a more simple and hopefully less confusing style, with articles now being the focus of the homepage (with bigger images and text).

I’m switching cover image on my social profiles from time to time, with one of the last photos of my figures. I thought it would be lovely if I could do that on the main site as well, so now the new design finally has a header image.

Facebook comments are now available as well; you can comment with your username or password directly on the site as you usually do, or use your Facebook account to comment. Also, my Facebook page has changed address; I’m now available at @moonlitsaki (without the “com”).

On this note, I wanted to give some more exposure to my social profiles as that’s where I can interact with fellow figure collectors and enthusiasts (that’s the real fun!). Social profiles icons are now available both in the site header as well as footer.

The Archives page has been restyled; some columns I used to maintain at the site (Interest and Calendar categories) have been discontinued and are now archived –all available in the archive page as a list.

Known issues I still have to address

Article images on homepage are missing on mobile view; I plan to bring them back as soon as possible so to offer a more pleasing browsing experience to users who visit the site from their smartphones.

Some article summaries (from May 2017 and backward) will show weirdly on the homepage; I am fixing those to properly show their excerpts with a link to the full article.

Article featured images are wrongly sized (mostly noticeable in the desktop version of the site); this is due to the theme switch, so all of these pictures have to be resized. I’m currently working on it.

Let me know what you think

Well, with that I should have said everything I wanted to. Please let me know your opinion on the new design and changes and feel free to point out any bug (or anything you don’t like, really) as I am the one who runs the site, but you readers are its actual core and the most important part of it!

Thank you so much for everything, really! ❤️

JUNGLE - Entertainment Hobby Shop
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  • miffy

    great to see that you’re always working on pumping out updates on the site and on your facebook page and working on improving the former. keep at it, friend!

    • moonlitsaki

      Thank you! :D I’m very happy you appreciate it!!

  • Qqq

    Looks good to me. Always nice to see websites evolve as times change.

  • thatfigurecollector

    That left black bar is really distracting.
    Also the main horizontal navbar moves strangely when you scroll. (using Firefox)
    Feels like the ads are now overpowering the actual content. >_<

    • moonlitsaki

      Thank you for your feedback! I will look into the navbar issue as soon as possible. As for ADS, I even removed some of them I had in the other design. I’m afraid I can’t get rid of the ones up now otherwise I’ll have to close down the site! >.<

    • moonlitsaki

      I tested the site in Firefox and the bar doesn’t do anything weird to me. If it’s not much trouble, could you show me the issue you are having?

      Thank you and sorry for the bother!!