Review: “Oboro Muramasa” Momohime Oironaoshi by Alter


  • Series/Origin: Oboro Muramasa
  • Manufacturer: Alter (sculpt by Fukumoto Noritaka, color by Hoshina Eimi)
  • Classification: Scale
  • Character: Momohime
  • Version: Oironaoshi
  • Size: 1/8 scale, 21 cm
  • Release Date: March 9th, 2017
  • List Price: ¥10,800
  • Notes: Recolor of the original version (2010)

“Oboro Muramasa” Momohime by Alter is one of the most popular figures of the last years, to the point that not only the company did a first rerelease of the original edition, but also reissued the item in a new version (recolor), which is the product I’m going to talk about today.


Momohime comes in a surely lovely window box, almost completely assembled and provided with instructions on how to put together/switch the optional parts she is provided with.

The figure offers two display options, the first one portraying Momohime while she has almost unsheathed her sword from the scabbard she holds with one hand, and the second one with her sword fully unsheathed and ready to strike.

An additional hand holding the scabbard and another empty one give the very well welcomed ability to pose Momohime in slightly different ways; the figure is also provided with an additional sleeve for her dress, the one to use with Momohime’s hand holding the sword.

No matter how one wants to pose the figure, there is need to put the sword in place (either having it fully unsheathed or almost fully covered by its scabbard), as well as securing Momohime on her base before to have this little treasure ready to join our display space.

Once assembled and ready for display, Momohime probably makes the most beautiful thing one could make of plastic. This figure is completely, unbelievably stunning considering both sculpt and painting. This is a recolor, and a very good one, indeed. I don’t own the original version of this figure, but I somehow can say that nothing could be possibly better than this.

Maybe I’m biased because what I have in front of me is too beautiful to think straight, but these are the feelings this precious plastic thing inspires.

As expected from Alter, the sculpt of this figure is sublime, with no visible flaws. Momohime has a relatively complex outfit, which is full of small details. From the folds of her dress, to the pattern on her sandals, this figure has been sculpted to perfection. I particularly like the thighs-like things covering Momohime’s legs, as they have that “seasoned” look that makes them look quite real.

The sculpt of the peach-pink dress, as well as of the bright green ribbon on Momohime’s back, are just as good, with folds and creases placed just in the right place.

The same owed praise goes to the sculpt of the hair, which is multilayered and looks very dynamic and completely realistic despite being of a solid black color, as shade that generally tends to shadow details in many figures unless the sculpt is flawless.

All the small details, like Momohime’s sword handle or her hair ornaments, have been brilliantly and meticulously sculpted as well; the same applies to the small, purple pieces on her black armour.

Paintwork on this figure is just as beautiful and unbelievably good as the sculpt. Different finished have been used, some glossy, some matte, and all resembling how materials would look in reality.

Absolutely no smears or excess paint is visible anywhere, and the simple yet quite eye-catching flower decorations placed on Momohime’s outfit are able to add a touch of preciousness to this already gorgeous figure. The colors are vibrant and perfectly shaded, every single one of them, the darker ones included.

Completing the gorgeous appearance of this figure, is Momohime’s face. Her expression is serious yet kind of cute, and I particularly like her eyes, which are expressive and almost mesmerizing. The skin also has a smooth texture, which makes it look quite realistic as well.

The base also needs a mention, as it is one of the best support a figure can come with. It is quite small, which is always a good thing for displaying as it doesn’t take up too much space but, more importantly, Momohime’s base is a piece of art on its own.

The rocks are rich of details and perfectly painted, and the water is made of clear plastic, giving it a glistening and quite realistic appearance. The base fully completes and matches the figure’s style and pose, adding again some more preciousness to this item.

Compared to the quality Alter was able to deliver with this figure, the price not only seems fair, but actually feels too low, somehow. I always prefer when I can save some money, and I’m glad that this figure has a decent price, but I actually would have paid twice that amount knowing that I would have received something that I can describe with only one word: perfect.

Without any doubt, “Oboro Muramasa” Momohime Oironaoshi by Alter is the most beautiful and well made figure I had the pleasure to welcome in my collection.

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4 Responses to Review: “Oboro Muramasa” Momohime Oironaoshi by Alter

  1. digitalnite says:

    I still have her from when she was 1st released. She is still one of my top favorite figures. Most of my visitors turn their eyes to her immediately.

    • moonlitsaki says:

      I missed the first release (and the rerelease) of the original version, sadly. But I’m so happy Alter decided to reissue her. I’m sure friends visiting will do the same with mine!

  2. Lloyd Martin Cubil says:

    Nice! I just got mine today. As always ALTER never fails. I was at an awe when I opened mine, the figure was gorgeous

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Yes!! Alter is confirmed, once again, as my very favorite figure company! <3

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