“Brave Witches” Karibuchi Hikari Parfom by Phat! Company up for preorder


Phat! Company has opened pre-orders today for their “Brave Witches” Karibuchi Hikari Parfom figure, which is sculpted by Mitsuru Saito and Toona Kanshi (RyunRyunTei) with color by Sakura, is listed for ¥6,000 (before tax), and is scheduled for release in August 2017.


Description from the manufacturer

“You won’t know if you don’t try” in Parfom mode!
Phat! Company teamed up with the garage kit dealer ‘RyunRyunTei’ Toona Kanshi to codevelop a new generation of action figures known as the Parfom series! The next figure to join the series is Hikari Karibuchi, the main character from the anime series ‘Brave Witches’!

The figure includes Hikari’s Shiden Kai-2 Prototype (Chidori) Striker Unit is included together with both spinning propellers and an alternate set of standby propellers showing all four blades. Her Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai machine gun is also included in Parfom size, and she comes with interchangeable squirrel ears and tail for when she makes use of her magical abilities.

Order Period: February 9th, 2017 – March 9th, 2017.

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