Vocaloid Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo ver. by Stronger preorder information revealed


Stronger reveals today pre-order information, as well as unpainted prototype, for their Vocaloid Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo ver. figure.


Limited to AmiAmi and to SNOW MIKU Sky Town, the figure will be on pre-order starting from February 1st, 2017. Price and release date are still to be revealed at the moment.

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9 Responses to Vocaloid Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo ver. by Stronger preorder information revealed

  1. footmaster says:

    This might be my chance of getting my very first Luka figure!
    Wallet-chan, please don’t fail me.
    The pose looks good but I just find the tree branch awkward.
    It’s even not the exact tree branch from the illustration.
    Regardless, I hope the colors will turn out well.
    Looking forward to it! <3

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Yeah, the branch looks weird, and I think it’s because in the illustration she was sitting on a branch of an actual tree (which looked natural) and here they sculpted the figure just like if Luka was seated on a tree, a strange one I would add.

      But yes, the figure looks so good and I also am eager to see her painted! 🙂

  2. Sakya says:

    Wow, this looks freaking amazing!!! So much better than Miku imo. If she’s the same cost as Miku, I’ll definitely have to consider this figure.

  3. Yukibata says:

    Luka is my favourite out of the vocaloid crowd, and I’ve been wanting a figure of her for a while – but most of the ones that exist aren’t all that great. I’ve always disliked the colours they give her standard outfit, for one; the gold looks like a dirty yellow and they tend to look somewhat bad in quality (her clothes, that is).

    This one looks great, though will have to wait for the paint work and the price to see if I can afford it~

  4. bob austin says:

    finally it looks like a decent high quality luka figure. The tony taka figure had messed up lips 🙁

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