Review: “No Game No Life” Shiro by Phat! Company


  • Series/Origin: No Game No Life
  • Manufacturer: Phat! Company (sculpt by Abe Koudai, color by Maimocchi)
  • Classification: Scale
  • Character: Shiro
  • Version: N/A
  • Size: 1/7 scale, 20 cm
  • Release Date: May 18th, 2016
  • List Price: ¥15,800
  • Notes: Hatsuse Izuna, Jibril, Sora & Stephanie Dola mini figures included

Not the first take at the lovely and popular character from “No Game No Life”, this interpretation of Shiro by Phat! Company is, without any doubt, the one that caught my attention the most. The figure was released last year in May, and literally creates a little, cute and pleasing scene to look at thanks to the extra parts and details.


“No Game No Life” Shiro figure by Phat! Company comes in a colorful window box, provided with different extras including mini figures of Hatsuse Izuna, Jibril, Sora and Stephanie Dola as well as a miniature throne and miniature smartphones to put on it, and a miniature world for Shiro to hold in her hands. The base is a round piece of plastic with a chessboard motif on it, and its border looks like wood.

Each part of this figure is very well packaged, and unboxing takes quite some time, but only to have a beautiful and utterly cute item to add to one’s collection in the end. Shiro has to be put in her base, and that’s the only part of the figure than needs actual assembly. All the mini figures, as well as the other miniature parts, can be just placed either on the spacious base or, for the miniature world, in Shiro’s hands.

Faithful to the source material, this figure is a riot of color, and surely a feast for the eyes. Shiro stands on the chessboard base sustained by one of her legs, and she is sculpted as she is holding the entire world in both of her cupped hands. Everyone familiar with “No Game No Life” would definitely understand the meaning of the little girl’s pose, and also all the rest surrounding her, particularly the miniature throne.

Shiro wears her uniform, seen so many times in the anime adaption, and has a beautiful, quite innocent and utterly cute yet almost daring expression on her face. The figure really captures the essence of the light novel and anime character, and is very pleasing to look at for its complexity and accuracy.

The sculpt is fine for the most part, or at least on overall and if not looking closer, though the figure has quite some excess material and other little issues here and there, but especially on the colorful hair. The same is true for the painting, which presents rough lines on the smaller parts or where different colors meet, like on Shiro’s skirt.

While not completely ruining the figure, these issues are quite disturbing and surely annoying, not to mention very disappointing especially considering the price Phat! Company asks for this item. With that said, the amount of details, extra parts and the originality of this production still makes Shiro one of my very favorite figures.

Returning for a moment on the paintwork, and ignoring the previously mentioned issues for a while, I can actually say that I essentially love the shading used on Shiro’s colorful hair, which is very close to how the long mane looks in the anime series or in art form the title. The colors of the outfit also are very bright and pleasing to look at.

Shiro’s dress is also quite good speaking of the sculpt, once again not considering issues for a second; especially the folds on her skirt, which looks like it is gently moved by the wind, as well as the dynamic hair.

The miniature parts, from the other “No Game No Life” characters to the throne, world and smartphones, are basically well done. They also have some sculpting and painting issues, but I don’t consider those an actual problem as they all are very tiny, so that’s expected and mostly understandable.

The four characters from the series, Hatsuse Izuna, Jibril, Sora and Stephanie Dola, all are provided with the option to have their heads detached (needed to remove protective plastic from the chibi figures when unboxing). Three of them, the female characters, are sculpted either kneeling or sitting, while Sora is standing and comes with a small and round, clear base to which he can be connected with two small pegs (which are on the base).

The mini figures are meant to be placed on the round, chessboard base where Shiro also is fastened, which is what I do, but they can also be used (and displayed) as single items if one wishes. The same applies to the small throne, on which the mini smartphones are placed, and which goes behind Shiro to complete the little scene happening around the 11 year old genius NEET.

The Jibril mini figure also need some assembly, if we can call it that given the extreme simplicity of the task, and the tablet she is provided with has to be placed in her hands for her to literally drool over it, while her halo goes on the small hole on her head. Be very careful while performing this task as the little wings on Jibril’s back are very prone to detach; one of mine did, but it didn’t broke luckily as I was able to put it back in place with some pressure.

“No Game No Life” Shiro figure by Phat! Company proves to be the best figure ever produced (not that there are that many, but still) dedicated to this character in my personal opinion, particularly for the interesting and original pose and for the amount of extra parts. Sadly, this figure is quite expensive for its quality, but its price could have been somehow justifiable if there weren’t that many issues on sculpt and paint.

I adore this Shiro figure to the point it became one of my favorite items in my collection, despite all the flaws and imperfections. I suppose that the way this figure is designed somehow balances out for the lack of quality, and can also justify the price if one completely loves the character and adores the way this figure is done.

For me “No Game No Life” Shiro figure by Phat! Company is a little treasure I wouldn’t want to part with no matter what as I can overlook flaws as I adore the character and the figure design, but if you are looking for quality at a relatively fair, or at least justifiable, price and are not madly in love with either the character, the series, or both, perhaps this item isn’t the right one for you.


  • Complex and very detailed
  • Bright colors and good shading
  • Faithful to the original art
  • Makes an impressive display presence
  • Has a lot of extra parts
  • Beautiful base
  • Gorgeous expression
  • Is utterly cute, just as Shiro is
  • Captures the character’s “essence” very well


  • Paint and sculpt issues
  • Quality doesn’t really justify the high price
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  1. Maids and Thighs says:

    love it, i want to buy one but ill wait to buy it used to save money

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Me too! <3 Mine was a present so it came free for me, and I'm so glad I got her because I wanted this figure so badly but wasn't able to get it back when pre-orders opened.

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