Review: Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Lion Dance ver. by Good Smile Company


  • Series / Origin: Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku
  • Manufacturer: Good Smile Company (sculpt by Nd_dog, Nendoron)
  • Original Art: versus
  • Classification: Nendoroid
  • Character: Hatsune Miku
  • Version: Lion Dance
  • Size: non-scale, 10 cm
  • Release Date: December 13th, 2016
  • Notes: Limited/exclusive to GSC Online Shop

Second in what we could start to call “a series” dedicated to Chinese-style Nendoroid figures of popular Vocaloid Hatsune Miku (Harvest Moon ver. was the 2015 choice), the 2016 version of the Nendoroid by Good Smile Company features an outfit based on the traditional Chinese lion dance, a symbol of good fortune.


Hatsune Miku Lion Dance ver. Nendoroid was released in December last year, and comes with a pleasing amount of extra parts, including three expressions, a decorated staff and a Chinese dumpling and, of course, a colorful lion dance Lion which can be also used as a hat for Miku.

The figure comes in the usual Nendoroid box, which is a little bigger this time to accommodate the included lion dance Lion. A Nendoroid base and a stand are included with the figure as usual; English and Japanese instructions are included as well, resulting in the following parts:

  • Nendoroid Miku
  • Nendoroid base and stand (standard)
  • Lion dance Lion
  • Chinese dumpling
  • Chinese staff
  • Arms (x5)
  • Hands (x6)
  • Legs (x3)
  • Face expressions (x3)
  • Extra neck joint (x1)

Miku Lion Dance ver. Nendoroid gives a lot of display options to its owner thanks to the generous amount of optional parts. Her expressions are all very interesting and meaningful, and also varied enough. The lion dance Lion makes the whole display result more interesting and somehow complete, especially considering that this extra part can be also used as a headdress for Miku.

The lion dance Lion is provided with a neck joint to use it as an another figure, and its head and mouth both come off, to turn the extra part into a beautiful hairdress for Miku.

The assembly process to use Lion on Miku is quite simple, and all that’s needed to do is to remove Miku’s twintails and hair decorations, put the lion’s head on Miku’s, and then assemble her hair again, only this time placing the twintails in the two holes on the sides of the lion’s head.

Other than that, the assembly of this Nendoroid figure is just the same, old process. Thanks to the assortment of extra parts, the figure can be posed in so many interesting ways, making it very pleasing to use for artistic purposes like photography, or just to have some “display” fun with it.

In terms of quality, the Nendoroid figure is very well done, and that applies even to the smaller parts, speaking of both sculpt and paint. The color combination of Miku’s outfit is bold and eccentric, and thanks to that the small figure is really able to stand out in any collection, which is always a good, and surely pleasing, thing.

The same applies to Lion, which is well done as well and able to make different expressions on its face, something very useful when playing a little with this figure.

All the three expressions Milu Lion Dance ver. Nendoroid comes with are meaningful and utterly cute. Personally, my favorite one is her standard expression, followed by the winking one, but I can’t deny that the third, almost comical face Miku comes with is a must have and, once again, particularly useful for those who like to play a little with their Nendoroid figures.

Technically speaking, displaying and posing Miku with Lion on her head as a headdress can become a little tricky as the figure weighs a lot that way and might have some balance issues even if supported by her base and stand. Nothing too bad, of course, but still worth a mention.

Miku Lion Dance ver. Nendoroid is a very interesting figure, well done and provided with a lot of extra parts to play with. The figure is sculpted and painted very well, is lovely and incredibly cute, and interprets the Chinese Lion Dance theme perfectly.


  • Comes with a lot of accessories/extra parts
  • Beautiful expressions
  • Faithful to the original theme
  • Bold and interesting design
  • Very cute and pleasing to look at
  • Great sculpt and paintwork


  • Nothing too relevant to mention

As a note, my copy of Hatsune Miku Lion Dance ver. Nendoroid arrived with a broken part. The small plastic piece which goes into Miku’s back was already broken when I opened the box, thus the photos of this review have been taken with a provisional piece (a figma’s one).

Good Smile Company has promptly provided me with a new piece, sending the whole stand and not only the broken part free of charge with registered mail, after I contacted them about the issue. Their support team was helpful, professional and very kind.

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  1. Sai says:

    I got her just for that eating expression (though I love the lion and the colours, too) xD. She’s displayed with it and the steamed bun, obviously. No regrets!

    • moonlitsaki says:

      No regrets here as well, though I mostly purchased her because of the Chinese outfit! But yeah, that face is so, so amazing! <3

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