Review: “FairyTale” -Another- Queen of Hearts by Myethos

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  • Series/Origin: FairyTale, Original Character
  • Manufacturer: Myethos
  • Classification: Scale
  • Character: -Another- Queen of Hearts
  • Size: 1/8 scale, 28 cm
  • Release Date: October 2016 (China), December 2016 (Worldwide)
  • List Price: ¥11,800 (before tax)
  • Source: Myethos (review sample)

Fourth item part of Myethos’ “FairyTale” line, and second figure which proposes a beautiful and original remake of popular, classic literature characters, -Another- Queen of Hearts figure by Myethos can be deemed as the best production the Chinese company has come up with for their collection inspired to fairy tales so far.

-Another- Queen of Hearts figure by Myethos comes in a black and red window box, elegant and sophisticated just like the item it contains. The figure comes completely assembled and ready for display, with the only exception of the little crown which is provided with magnets and which goes on Queen of Hearts’ head.

A pleasing amount of protective material, being it plastic or packaging foam, is also present, preventing any unwanted damage shipping might cause. Queen of Hearts is provided with a lovely postcard with the original illustration the figure is based on, as well as instructions explaining how to “assemble” the crown, which in the end basically let the collector know that the little piece of plastic adheres to Queen of Hearts’ head with magnets.

This figure is a remake of the popular Queen of Hearts from 1865 novel written by English mathematician Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”, and surely is a beautiful retake at the otherwise arguably beautiful character.

Myethos depicts Queen of Hearts as a beautiful young woman who has something vaguely hinting at a sexy demon or devil, mostly because of the well-chosen colors and for the pose.

Queen of Hearts is stunningly beautiful and quite impressive in her appearance. She sits on a magnificent chess piece just like a queen would do, and shows off her beauty and determination also kicking another chess piece, the king, with one of her feet, as if she was making the ultimate move and win the game, metaphorically speaking.

I’m not a chess player and I don’t even know the rules, but this figure inspires beauty and power to me mostly thanks to the way it has been posed, and to the meticulous attention to little details; Queen of Hearts looks like a real winner and an actual ruler in her appearance and with her attitude, and that suits the original theme just perfectly.

The heart shape is used in various parts of the figure, making yet another good point proving that this company is very attentive to details and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Queen of Hearts’ base has a hole in the shape of a heart on the middle part of the chess piece, and a small, white heart is painted on the back of her cape.

Queen of Hearts’ skin is fair and flawless, and is magnified by the color combination of the outfit chosen for this figure; blacks and reds, either bright or darker, make the queen’s gorgeous body stand out a lot. Queen of Hearts’ style seems to be very close to a mix of burlesque and an actual royal one, the former given by the quite sexy tights provided with garter-like features and the shiny black platform shoes and corset, while the latter enhanced by the regal cape she wears on her shoulders.

The sculpt is beautiful, and practically without any flaws. Details in this figure are really a lot, and each of them seem to have been taken care of meticulously. The intricate hair arranged into twintails looks very dynamic, the skirt is made of beautiful folds making a true piece of art on its own, and also the cape is something stunning to look at not only thanks to its impressive size and folds, but also because of how real and actually like fur the inner, white part of it looks; you almost need to touch it in order to be sure it’s not actual fur.

Keeping up with the due praise at the sculpt for a bit longer, Queen of Hearts is also provided with bat-like “wings”, which actually are parts of the ribbon she wears on her back, that are also beautifully sculpted; the same applies to utterly thin parts on her shoes, which remind of fence top parts, as well as to the details of the base.

The paintwork is as beautiful as the sculpt in this figure. There is a lot of shading and use of different finishes, which always give a figure bonus points. Queen of Hearts’s whole base, shoes, and the little crown are painted in a shiny black color, while the dress is perfectly shaded with a lot of different hues of reds. I’m not sure which part of the figure I would deem as my favorite in terms of shading, but the hair and the skirt surely are two notable ones.

Between all the black and red hues used as the color scheme of this figure, excluding the pale skin and white parts, there also are pleasant hits of gold and purple on Queen of Hearts dress and accessories, which add yet another touch of preciousness to this already beautiful and quite bold item.

Speaking of more technical details, despite her height and complex design, Queen of Hearts surprisingly is a very stable figure. She doesn’t wobble at all, and I would attribute this pleasing perk to the base, which is actually a full block. I’m also very glad that the figure doesn’t need assembly at all, because that would have caused it to be less sturdy, something an item like this couldn’t really afford considering its design.

Queen of Hearts’ face is a very important detail which, once again, has been executed brilliantly. She has a smirk on her face, resulting in a confident expression, and she looks sideways as if she was about to invite, or better dare, an opponent or something similar to play her game, sure she would win before it even started and no matter what.

Queen of Hearts is meant to forcefully take her rightful place in any collection, perhaps also stealing it a little thanks to her bold and impressive presence. This figure is a piece I wouldn’t want not having in my collection, as it adds some more charisma to the whole display and also makes a magnificent work of art to look at.


  • Great sculpt and paint job
  • Dynamic pose and rich of details
  • Makes use of different finishes
  • Amazing color scheme
  • Impressive and bold display presence
  • Small details are very well done
  • Faithful to original illustration
  • There is meaning behind the design and the execution of this figure, like if it was telling its own story
  • Sublime reinterpretation of the original character, now sexy and beautiful
  • Shading is rich and very detailed, especially on hair and dress
  • Beautiful and full of meaning expression
  • Very close to prototype quality
  • No assembly needed


  • Nothing relevant to mention

Myethos has provided us with a review sample. Learn more about “FairyTale” -Another- Queen of Hearts 1/8 scale figure by Myethos here, or visit the company’s Official Website, Twitter, or Weibo.

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  • trevman256

    Another great review

  • PasiatLSSJ

    Wow. I didn`t even consider buying this before(partly because she isn`t on mfc so I forgot about her), but after Your review I am really considering buying her. So good job :) Is she available anywhere right know or is it sold out?

    • Battlegum

      Yes mfc removed Myethos figures from their database because it was made by a Chinese company (Hong Kong based). About as stupid as it gets since Japanese figures are still made in China.

      That aside, I just ordered from HobbyLink Japan since Amiami didn’t have it available. I wouldn’t say it’s the cheapest out there, but I tend to stick with trusted vendors to avoid any troubles.

      • PasiatLSSJ

        Thanks for informations. Didn`t know about that.

    • I’m so happy to be of help! Thank you for the kind words! :) She’s still available at hlj

      • PasiatLSSJ

        No problem and thanks for the link. Price is not bad there so I ordered her.

  • Battlegum

    Thanks Saki for the review, I was on the fence about this one even though I own Alice myself. Your review convinced to order now before it’s too late to get this classy figure. Myethos doing a great job for a new manufacturer.

    • I’m so happy to hear and that you were able to order her! :) She’s a beauty and I’m surprised myself on how good she turned out! Yes they are truly amazing and always improving!

  • thatfigurecollector

    Lovely review! Very easy to read and thorough.
    Nice photos too, although I would’ve preferred some higher resolution ones.

    I’m not a fan of the art myself, so I’ll pass on the figure itself.
    After reading this I’m definitely keeping an eye on Myethos’ other figures though!

  • Miyukichi

    Great review! I got mine and she’s gorgeous! The only con for me is she is attached to her base. To me, I like giving my scale figures some stories so I detach and pose them in any way possible. Another pro to mention is her price. She is just around 11,000 to 12,000 Yen. Nowadays, a figure with that height, weight and detail will cost you around 16,000 Yen the least. Maybe it’s because it is from a Chinese company. But who cares? She’s impeccable!