Moonlit Saki’s revamp explained, behind the scenes work & more


As you certainly have noticed, Moonlit Saki has been revamped and redesigned a little last week. The revamp was long due, and I actually planned to have all ready with the beginning of 2017, but it took me some more time to get most of the things done, so the new version went up only on January 16th, 2017, with some delay, but turning out just like as I imagined it.


Additional tweaking and fixing was still needed after January 16th, when the site went back online. I preferred to have a slightly unfinished but still working version up sooner instead of keeping the website down for too much time, so in the end the downtime the website experienced was of less than 24 hours, which I consider acceptable enough.

This article I’m writing here and now is to explain a little what has changed, and particularly why it did. If you visit us since our early days online, you would know that I have started Moonlit Saki out as you know it on a free blogging platform only to move it on a self-hosted environment some months later. Since when the website got its own server to run on, which was back in September 2014, it is powered by WordPress.

Surprisingly, I am using the same theme since the beginning, deciding to adjust it on the way as need arises. After over 2 years, we ended up with a design which is our own, an outfit that only Moonlit Saki “wears” and which is unique enough to make the website stand out and be recognizable among others.

What has changed

Basically, everything grew in size and is more content-focused.

I opted for a larger design, which allows more space for articles. The featured images have been increased in size as well, so to have a more appealing. The goal was to have a less cluttered but still very rich homepage setup, easy to browse and intuitive.

With the larger layout, I also increased the font size for optimal readability. Body fonts are now bigger, and the same applies to headings. The idea was to create something “bold” and with great impact, yet still stylish and pleasing to the eyes. To achieve that, I decided to mix a very “strong” font for headings with another common, more relaxing one for standard text.

With a wider setup there was finally space for another, long-awaited sidebar. I decided to add a smaller column in every part of the website between articles and the old sidebar (including single articles and some chosen pages) purely for article visibility. Updating several times per day makes articles disappear from the front page very quickly, and I wanted to give them “some more love” making past articles stay on the homepage for a little longer.

The new, small column features a selection of randomly displayed articles that are either worth another look or that have prematurely disappeared from the article list in the main page, and also gave me the chance to make the whole homepage setup a little “shorter” and more compact.

I dropped our secondary color. At the very beginning, Moonlit Saki was a mix of hot pink, white and black; we dropped that color, which felt too feminine and perhaps more suitable for a website about celebrities, fashion, or gossip and opted for a rich blue shade, which is our chosen color and which won’t change.

In case you are curious, our main color (blue) is #00428e and the new color scheme of Moonlit Saki might remind you to a certain big-boobed and surely adorable goddess. And yes, the choice is completely intentional!

With the previous revamp, I decided to add a secondary color to spice up things a little, but with this new redesign I eventually dropped that orange to stick with our rich blue shade and black. In a few words, Moonlit Saki makes use of neutral colors (such as black, white and gray) and the blue color mentioned above, which results in a more elegant and cleaner setup.

Continuing to follow the “less is better than more” philosophy we embraced with this last revamp, I decided to remove trending articles from the very top of the page, those who appeared in the small, once blue bar and which were showcasing event-related articles. Instead, I moved our social media profiles links to there to give them more visibility (and a more stylish look).

Our popular articles section in the primary sidebar was showcasing outdated articles, and there was really no point anymore to keep it as it was (terribly boring). I switched to an improved version, which is now dynamic and features either daily or weekly popular articles, as well as the old “most popular of all time” ones for hopeless nostalgics like yours truly.

We have a new logo. Dropping the website secondary color (orange) made redesigning the logo inevitable. The new one is pretty simple and without too many frills, using “our blue” color and black. It is simple, but not too plain, which I considered the perfect choice to go with this revamp.

What is still to do

Although most of the work is done, there still are some adjustments to make, which I will address in the following weeks and that, most likely, won’t be too noticeable.

Your turn!

While it was fun and it also gives me a way to enjoy working on Moonlit Saki in a slightly different way than updating it, everything I do to the site is primarily focused to make it more enjoyable to you, my dear friends, visitors and fellow figure lovers and collectors.

With that said, and taking the time to thank you for your continued support, please feel free to leave your opinion about the website revamp. Suggestions are always welcome!

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8 Responses to Moonlit Saki’s revamp explained, behind the scenes work & more

  1. Sakya says:

    Thank you for the great work you’ve done! I like the new look, but I do have a suggestion… would it be possible to put a border between the article and the posts?

  2. xSil says:

    The revamped site doesn’t work well with news aggregators that use RSS feeds, such as Feedly. Prior to the changes you can see the full article with pictures on Feedly, but since then only the first paragraph shows, so to see the actual content you need to take one more step and open a tab.

    • moonlitsaki says:

      The feed summary instead of full text wasn’t related to the revamped version. It actually is an option given by WordPress, which I switched some time ago as a test. I reverted it to full text like it was in the beginning, so you should be able to see full articles in feedly and other aggregators again. 🙂

  3. footmaster says:

    Keep up the good work.
    I always look to your site (and FB page) for figure updates and pics. ^_^

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