“Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~” Z1 (Leberecht Maass) by Max Factory up for preorder


Max Factory ha officially opened pre-orders today for their “Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~” Z1 (Leberecht Maass) figure, which is sculpted in a 1/8 scale standing 20 cm tall by KIMA (LISASAYS), is listed for a price of ¥12,778 (before tax), and is scheduled for release in November 2017.


Description from the manufacturer

“Destroyer, Leberecht Maass. Heading out.”
From the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the first Z1 battleship – the German-born Z1 (Leberecht Maass). She has been sculpted in her standard pose from the game!

All of the impressive arms and other ship parts you would expect from a destroyer have been carefully included on the figure, and her long, soft-looking legs stretch out from her carefully detailed one-piece outfit. The light color scheme from the original illustration has also been faithfully preserved on the figure to truly capture her charm in figure form! Z1 is the very first German ship players met in the game – be sure to add her to your figure fleet as well!

Order Period: January 17th, 2017 – March 2nd, 2017.

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