GOOD SMILE Racing Hatsune Miku Racing 2017 by Good Smile Company announced


Good Smile Company has announced their GOOD SMILE Racing Hatsune Miku Racing 2017 figure, which will be based on an original illustration by Tony Taka with character design by Koyama Shigeto. The figure will be proposed as a Nendoroid, a figma, and a scale figure, all with additional details still to be revealed.


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11 Responses to GOOD SMILE Racing Hatsune Miku Racing 2017 by Good Smile Company announced

  1. plankton prince says:


  2. RicksterWest says:

    This design would not look out of place with the Fairy Garden figures that Tony Taka did for Kotobukiya.

  3. Yukibata says:

    Not a fan of Tony Taka’s work, all of their faces tend to look the same. I wouldn’t be able to tell this one apart from any shining character, or the fairy garden stuff. It even has the same pose as one of them…

    Money: saved 😛

  4. footmaster says:

    Love Tony Taka’s designs (I have 2 figs based from his designs) and this would probably be my first Racing Miku fig.
    Hope this will turn out well. 🙂

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Tony’s art lover here too! This one looks so interesting, and she also has wings!!! Love those! I think I have at least 4 figures based on Tony Taka’s art/designs and I’m sure that this number will grow soon! XD

  5. Swan says:

    looks like one of the shinning series character cosplaying as racing miku lol

  6. Battlegum says:

    The fantasy/racing girl/Tony design does not mesh for me. More like meh. I have a few Miku figures and no more unless it’s something really special.

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