Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] INDEX


Now that our coverage for this edition of Wonfes (2016 Summer), held on July 24th, 2016, is complete, here’s our Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] INDEX, containing all articles from the event report and pre-event news.


Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] INDEX


All Wonfes 2016 Summer event articles are labeled with #wf2016s, the present article included.

Wonfes 2016 [Summer] Related News (Prior To The Actual Event)


Special thanks to Moeyo, figsoku, AmiAmi & Dengeki for the photos.

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12 Responses to Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] INDEX

  1. agmar says:

    Super!!!!!! that for sharing all this info!!

  2. Dgnfly says:

    Right now i’m pretty save with most releases considering most were Idolmaster or more Kantai collection and some series i never watched, i do have to say only killer is Koto really with its mainstream anime figure releases and Native for its quality Ecchi figures.

    • moonlitsaki says:

      My absolute must buy this time are Koto’s new fairy, Seakano Megumi by GSC and a Re:Zero Rem figure by either Alter or Good Smile. So, I’m pretty much safe this wonfes, unless I start looking at the almost 20 figures I’d like to get as well if I was rich! XD

  3. Zalin says:

    Native and Freeing are by far the winners of this show. Native is pumping out some nice ecchi figures I won’t mind trying to get. Freeing is freeing of course many bunnies I want again and the angela is beyond nice. Time to pick up a 2nd job for the incoming expenses.

    PS Again thanks for all the hard work saki take a break you earn it! 🙂

    • moonlitsaki says:

      For me it’s Koto, Alter and Good Smile (the last two for Rem, and the first one for Tony’s 4th fairy). There are a lot more figures I’d like to get, but I’m actually obsessed with just 3 figures this year, and I can’t really believe it! XD

      You are very welcome! This wonfes was as hard as usually, but nevertheless so much fun as always! 😀

  4. plankton prince says:

    rem is all i want~two rems so far yea? scale that is.

    • Zalin says:

      Yea I really want some good rem figures heres hoping they look amazing! They would have to look down right terrible though for me not to buy them.

      • moonlitsaki says:

        But I doubt that will be the case. We got really lucky this time as it’s Alter and Good Smile Company’s figures. I bet they’ll both look great, to the point that many of use will end up getting both! 🙂

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Rem scales are a true blessing! <3

  5. Bob Austin says:

    Even though I got an easy job that lets me just sit down and listen to music, and lets me lie about my hours, i am too spoiled to do overtime. But now, damn, I actually have to start doing it to collect these figures!

    • moonlitsaki says:

      LOL! Collecting is a really expensive hobby, but I’m very happy to do extra hours and the like just to be able to get some time to sit on my sofa and looking at my beautiful collection! 😉

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