Review: “Fate/Grand Order” Sakura Saber by Aquamarine


  • Series/Origin: Fate/Grand Order
  • Manufacturer: Aquamarine (sculpt by Kawanishi Ken, color by Hoshina Eimi, art by Takeuchi Takashi)
  • Classification: Scale
  • Character: Sakura Saber
  • Version: N/A
  • Size: 1/7 scale, 24.5 cm
  • Release Date: June 22nd, 2016
  • List Price: ¥12900

“Fate/Grand Order” Sakura Saber figure by Aquamarine is one of the two scale figures ever produced for the character, also know as Okita Souji (real identity), and is of course proposed in an interesting and surely beautiful traditional Japanese outfit. The figure went up for pre-order in January this year, and was released last month.



Sakura Saber comes in a beautiful and rather stylish window box, which is mostly white with some stylized cherry blossom illustrations on it. The figure comes detached to her base, and Sakura Saber’s sword has to be put in place after the figure is out of her blister and on her base. Assembling the figure is a pretty easy task.



Sakura Saber has to be put on her shiny black, oval base with the two pegs she has on her feet, and then we can insert the sword in both her hands, just like the provided instructions explain.

Once the figure is assembled, we have a beautiful piece to add to our collection. The figure has a very dynamic sculpt, just as Sakura Saber was about to attack her enemy with her beautiful sword. Her clothes give a strong sense of movement, which perfectly matches her combat pose and outfit style.




The sculpt is very well done, especially considering the amount of details this figure is provided with. The light blue, greenish part of Sakura Saber’s outfit has beautiful folds on it, and the same applies to all her clothes that are supposed to be moving because of her pose, like the beautiful black scarf, the tiny rope-like thing she has on her back, as well as the detailed bow she wears on her waist and her head ribbon.




Although not really visible due to the cape covering it, Sakura Saber’s outfit is very detailed and absolutely stunning; it is so beautifully sculpted and painted that is almost a shame that is covered by the light blue cape. Thankfully, this figure offers more than just one interesting angle to be displayed at.




The sword is nothing impressive in terms of size, but it surely is well detailed speaking about both sculpt and painting. The blade looks very realistic thanks to the use of two different shades of gray, and the handle is painted with a beautiful white and dark grey pattern reminding of some intricate rope which ends in a striking golden and black, flower-shaped guard. The way Sakura Saber holds her sword is a pleasing thing to watch on its own.





The sculpt of this figure is stunning practically anywhere, from the clothes and accessories, and to finish with Sakura Saber’s short hair. Particularly interesting are Sakura Saber’s legs which, while being covered only by black ninja sandals, look very realistic thanks to the attention the sculptor dedicated to the part where the sandals gently squeeze Sakura Saber’s thighs.




The feet and the hands are very detailed as well, and also have a glossy finish on Sakura Saber’s toenails and fingernails. The hair is very well done too as the sculpt gives, once again, a strong sense of movement, and with each lock of hair carefully sculpted and pretty much flawless.






On overall, the paint job on this figure is just excellent and carefully executed. Each color seems to be in the right place, and there barely are traces of excess paint even in the smaller parts. The only weird, but that can be definitely overlooked, thing is the amount of darker pink Sakura Saber has on the hand she uses to hold her sword.

It could be there on purpose, but the way the reddish color sits on her knuckles looks a bit “forced” as there is some excess material where the darker pink turn in a lighter shade.




Sakura Saber’s expression is sublime; cold and firm just like the expression of the ultimate warrior, it perfectly matches her pose and gives to the figure some always very appreciated additional charm. The way her mouth is barely visible and almost covered by the black scarf and her eyes looking sideways create a beautiful resolute atmosphere.




For how simple and plain it is, Sakura Saber’s base is able to match the figure perfectly. It’s actually a good thing that this figure doesn’t have a too detailed or complicated base, because this simple one is somehow able to highlight the beautiful Sakura Saber even more, also adding a stylish and elegant touch to it.




Sakura Saber 1/7 scale figure by Aquamarine definitely is a must have piece, most likely an item able to fit in any kind of collection, but recommended especially for those collectors who can’t resist traditional Japanese clothing and resolute heroines proudly holding beautiful weapons skilfully portrayed in astonishing pieces of art.













  • Amazing sculpt and paint job
  • Charming and elegant figure
  • Makes an impressive display item
  • Detailed and intricate outfit
  • Dynamic pose
  • Meaningful expression
  • Eye-catching and bold colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Base is simple yet very elegant
  • Faithful to original art


  • Minor issues on the hand holding the sword
  • Barely noticeable smears on the clothes
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12 Responses to Review: “Fate/Grand Order” Sakura Saber by Aquamarine

  1. Shilka says:

    I have still not gotten mine yet but i am really looking forward to it now that i have seen your review

  2. footmaster says:

    Seeing this figure makes me so sad of not getting her during the pre-order period.
    Love the skyish blue color… I love that color 🙂

    • moonlitsaki says:

      I actually was just so lucky with this one as I missed her PO period and she was sold out at CDJapan (where I usually order everything). But, a few days before release, someone must have cancelled their pre-order and I was able to snag the last copy. And I’m so happy I did! <3

  3. Rei says:

    that shinsengumi outfit! i like the review, good job! 🙂

  4. Fay says:

    Still waiting for mine, first time see her i knew it was superb, totally well-spent and good review xD

  5. PasiatLSSJ says:

    Hey, MoonlitSaki. Nice revieQw. After reading it I actually decided to buy this figure from TOM 😉 It has some production flaws but overall You were right about her. So thanks for that. If I can ask what are these flowers You used for photos? Are they artificial? Maybe You could tell where did You bought them? 😉

    • moonlitsaki says:

      Hello! 🙂 I’m very happy to hear that my review has helped you and that you bought this beautiful figure! You are very welcome, and this one is a really worth having piece in my opinion.

      Yes, the flowers are artificial and I bought them in a local store. I have a beautiful apricot tree and I often use its branches/flowers for pics, but this time it already bloomed by the time the figure was released, so I had to make fake flowers do. They cost around $2 each branch, they actually are really cheap-looking in person, but they do well as background/decoration for photos! 🙂

      You can search for something similar on either amazon or ebay, I suppose they should have them.

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