Alphamax teases Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] exhibition items


Alphamax releases today their teaser photos for Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer], which will take place tomorrow, July 24th, 2016, partly revealing painted and unpainted prototypes for their upcoming productions, as follows.

  • “Kangoku Gakuen” Shiraki Meiko Skytube 1/6
  • Hisasi’s Original Character Chie Skytube
  • Tony Taka’s Original Character Skytube
  • “Chunithm” Mishima Haruna
  • Misaki Kurehito’s Original Character Skytube ver.2
  • Saito Masatsugu’s Original Character Skytube
  • Misaki Kurehito’s Original Character Skytube Bunnyfuku no Shoujo
  • Tony Taka’s Original Character T2 Art☆Girls
  • Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Nijigen Dream Fever 1/8



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2 Responses to Alphamax teases Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] exhibition items

  1. Zalin says:

    been waiting on that Hisasi’s Original Character Chie Skytube figure and there she is can’t wait!

  2. footmaster says:

    Hmmmmm. I kinda interested of “Chunithm” Mishima Haruna after seeing the illustration of it. :3

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