“Durarara!!X2” Orihara Izaya figma Hachimenroppi ver. by Ascii Media Works up for preorder


Ascii Media Works has opened pre-orders today for their “Durarara!!X2” Orihara Izaya Hachimenroppi ver. figma figure, which is sculpted by Jun Yamaoka and Masaki Apsy, and is based on an illustration from the bonus Drama CD included with the second DVD of the first season’s anime series.

The Orihara Izaya figure comes with three expressions including his standard face, a chuckling face and an agitated one, plus optional parts including his cellphone, and a knife and alternate arm parts to display him with his hands in his pockets. Listed for a price of ¥5833 (before tax), the figure is scheduled for release in November 2016.

Sales in Japan for “Durarara!!X2” Orihara Izaya Hachimenroppi ver. figma figure will be handled by Dengekiya; the figure is available at Good Smile Company Online Shop as well as at their partner stores for overseas.

The regular version of the figure, manufactured by Orange Rouge, is up for pre-order starting today as well with a regular production run.

Order Period: April 19th, 2016 – May 18th, 2016.





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