“Fate/Stay Night” Master Artoria 1/7 by Alter preorder information and official photos revealed

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Alter releases today pre-order information and official photos for their “Fate/Stay Night” Master Artoria figure, which is sculpted in a 1/7 scale standing 22 cm tall by Hashimoto Ryou with color by Tetsumori Nanami, and has price and release still to be announced. The figure will be officially up for pre-order tomorrow, February 17th, 2016.







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  • footmaster

    Hmmmmm… It wasn’t as impressive as I expected but maybe it’s because the school uniform is plain as compared to other school uniforms.

    The one that attracts me is the details they put on the sword clothing.

    • I guess that might be the school uniform like you said. I have the same feeling, she looks too plain to me, but that makes me kind of happy because it’s a figure I can easily remove from my wishlist which is long enough already as it is! XD