“Oboro Muramasa” Yuzuruha 1/8 by Alter painted prototype photos and information revealed

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Alter has revealed official photos of painted prototype for their “Oboro Muramasa” Yuzuruha figure, which is sculpted in a 1/8 scale standing 28 cm tall by Tanaka Sen’u and is illustrated by George Kamitani. The figure, which will most likely be on pre-order soon at this point, has price and release date still to be announced.







JUNGLE - Entertainment Hobby Shop
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  • RicksterWest

    Alter, please don’t charge me an insane price for this like Nico Yazawa. There is no way I can resist this one!

    • Let’s hope she’ll have a reasonable price, though I fear it won’t be so nice considering details and everything. She really looks gorgeous!

  • AndyError

    The high contrast colors are very eye-catching. It looks pretty. I don’t know this character though.

    • I love her, completely. From the outfit, to the colors, to end with the expression and that base! <3

  • Zalin

    An amazing figure from an amazing game, she looks stunning. She goes into my maybe bin all depends on the price.

    • Same here. I need to save for a couple of figures I want and then there’s Wonfes quickly approaching so, although I’m in love with her, she’s a “maybe” for now.

      • Zalin

        Oh god wonfes! Too soon! Will my bank account ever get the time to recover poor little guy hes going on life support for sure!

        • Yeah, wallets and bank accounts always have hard times but it looks like they always make it somehow.

          I’m saving money since last year for anything I might end up wanting from what they’ll announce at Wonfes, and surely there will be a lot of figures that will steal my heart as usual. >.<