• Maids and Thighs

    omg school girl Neko Maid, thats all my fetish in one >.< need

    • I’m so happy about this announcement! I think I’ll definitely get her! <3

      • Maids and Thighs

        yes yes yes especially at release price

  • Maids and Thighs

    so many good Nendoroids to come meanwhile Scale figures have to step up. If they make Nendoroids for Arslan Senki, my wallet really will die

    • Yes, and to think that I usually try to avoid Nendoroids unless I can’t live without a certain one. Looks like companies have decided to make me break this rule and wallet surely will suffer a lot! >.<

  • Rickowned

    Day0 preorder

    • Yeah, so much cuteness here! *stares at the announcement a little longer while impatiently waiting for the prototype*

  • Pokii

    when is the relase date???

    • Release date has still to be announced. ;)