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Review: “FairyTale” -Another- Alice by Myethos

Third production by Myethos, “FairyTale” -Another- Alice is scheduled for release in January next year, and joins the company’s collection dedicated to original characters from Western fairy tales, currently featuring four characters in total, two released and one still to be painted.

Alice comes in a beautiful and quite detailed box, which has a precious and sophisticated look to it using dark blue and black as main colors with hints of gold and the original illustration the figure is based on printed on the front side. The figure is sculpted in a 1/8 scale and stands about 24.5 cm tall including her base, and comes wrapped in quite a lot of black polyethylene foam without any blister, which surely is a great way to prevent damage.

Although the figure is made of PVC and ABS, the inner packaging is very similar to what is used for Cold Cast or brittle items. Two layers of polyethylene foam, one containing the figure and its accessories and the other working as a lid, are firmly held together by adhesive tape.

Alice and some parts she comes, including the black bunny and the base, are carefully wrapped either in zip lock or plastic bags. The only piece that doesn’t come with protection around it is the clock chain. Please note that the figure body (Alice) won’t have the same plastic bag shown in this review covering it in the actual release as final adjustments are still being made.

Plastic bag covering Alice (photo on the left) won’t be present in the final release.

The box contains a postcard featuring the original illustration Alice is based on, which is placed between the two layers of polyethylene foam and makes itself noticed when the lid of the inner packaging is opened, resulting in a very pleasing surprise.

The postcard back reads “Thank you for choosing us” signed by Myethos, which sounds like a special treatment and adds a sophisticated feeling to the whole figure.

The box contains a total of four pieces, with Alice (figure body and clock), the black bunny, the base made in the form of the ace of hearts card, and the chain for pocket watch. -Another- Alice figure needs assembly, which is a quite simple and very quick process, and is also provided with instructions in different languages.

Although the assembly process is very straightforward and pretty intuitive, instructions in different languages, and especially in English, are very appreciated.

The instruction sheet covers the three steps needed to put Alice in place and make her ready for display in a very simple and clear way. The first step explains how to attach the figure to the base, which is done with pegs placed on the end part of Alice’s bow ribbons.

The figure is fully supported by the ribbons of Alice’s bow, where the pocket clock is also attached. The pegs of Alice’s bow ribbons are a little too small, we are talking about millimetres, for the holes in the base so the figure might wobble a little when moved with some more force than usual.

The second part explains how to put the bunny in place, which is attached to the clock with a peg in one of its paws and goes to the pocket clock; the third and last part of the instruction explains how to put the chain of the pocket watch in place, which is inserted in the clock and then into two small holes placed on one side of the base.

The assembly process doesn’t take more than five minutes to complete. The pocket clock chain is relatively soft and it has to be bent a little to make it fit in both the base and the clock; the insert going to the pocket watch has a particular angle to go in or, otherwise, it will snap off the clock and the other extremity of the chain needs some more pressure to go in. Paint transfer might happen during this step, though any little trace of silver paint can be easily taken off from the base.

Once “FairyTale” -Another- Alice is assembled and ready for display, we have something quite interesting as surely very pleasing to watch before us. The figure is highly detailed and proposed in a very dynamic pose, and faithful to the original illustration. Alice is posed as she floats in mid-air while she holds a cup of tea, and the sculpt really does justice to the art she’s based on.

The intricate dress is detailed and the color combination really eye-catching, where the main color is composed of hues of blue shaded with a color very close to violet. A lot of white and black add a pleasing contrast with Alice’s fair skin and rich blonde hair, resulting in something just pleasing to look at. Minor hints of red, used both on the base, on Alice’s eyes, and on the black bunny’s bow tie and eyes, complete the stunning overall look of the figure.

-Another- Alice isn’t just a mere representation of a character as, for the amount of details and the little scene the figure is able to create thanks to additional parts like the bunny, pocket watch, and the base, the whole item looks more like a piece of art trying to represent something deeper and successfully accomplishing its goal.

The quality of the sculpt is sublime and maniacal attention has been given to details, even the smallest. The dress and the hair have that dynamic look which makes the figure look almost real thanks to the way the sculpt makes them look like if they were really moving.

Alice’s skirt probably is one of the most notable part speaking of sculpt quality, with its frills and multiple layers which are very visible due to the pose of the figure.

The bow and its ribbons are impressive, both in term of size and quality, they look like real fabric thanks to both the skillful sculpt and paint job. Shading is very well done there, as well as on other parts of the figure, and the same applies to Alice’s hair; its rich blonde color really stands out and makes a wonderful combination with other parts of the figure in term of colors.

Once again, the sculpt would have been totally perfect if it wasn’t for that well known seam line usually seen in the back of the head of many figures. That can of course be overlooked, especially when the rest is so beautiful and so pleasing to watch.

-Another- Alice really does a wonderful job reinterpreting the original fairy tale character she comes from. The “Another” adjective couldn’t be more appropriate to describe the interesting approach Myethos has taken with figures from their “FairyTale” series, and especially with this Alice figure.

On the figure different finishes have been used; while some parts, like hair or dress parts have the usual, more or less, opaque appearance, -Another- Alice’s shoes and tea cup, as well as the liquid it contains, have a beautiful glossy finish which definitely make Alice’s overall look more credible and also kind of sophisticate.

Her expression, which is a mix between a cute and innocent smile and something a little more alluring, is something gorgeous. Alice’s expression is meaningful, and able to transmit feelings. It perfectly fits her pose and the context.

Worth a mention are details applied to Alice’s thigh highs, dress, and also on the small tea cup she holds with one hand. There is a diamond shaped motif on her thigh highs, and both her dress and tea cup have the four different card suits applied to them, including spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, all matching the whole theme of the figure and the scene Myethos is proposing to us with this production.

Accessories coming with Alice, the bunny, pocket watch and its chain, and the base, all are as good as the figure itself in terms of quality. The black bunny, which is yet another great and smart way to reinterpret the original fairy tale, wears a jacket which matches the box design and also makes use of a diamond-shaped motif.

The beautiful and quite impressive pocket watch has been painted with silver and bronze hues, and actually looks like a real one. Same applies to its chain, which is sublimely shaded.

The base is rather original and surely the perfect match for the figure. Nothing could have worked better than an ace of hearts card as the base of -Another- Alice.

Particularly pleasing is the way the base has been sculpted and how much, technically speaking, attention has been given to the figure balance. The base inclination guarantees that the figure won’t fall due to wrong balance and assures that Alice stays where she is, even with that little, mentioned earlier issue with the pegs on her bow ribbons.

On overall, “FairyTale” -Another- Alice by Myethos is a wonderful piece to own, something worth getting both for the very high quality of paint and sculpt, as well as for her appearance.

Also considering that this is only the third figure this company is about to release (January 2016), I can say that she’s something spectacular as the figure is very close to prototype quality.



Myethos has provided us with a review sample. Learn more about “FairyTale” -Another- Alice 1/8 scale figure by Myethos here, or visit the company’s official website, Twitter, or Weibo.